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Natural Blood Sugar Management

DangCare is unlike any other product available!
Supports Balanced Blood Glucose, 
Metabolism and Immunity!

What Makes DangCare Different?
- DangCare is not a drug; it contains natural ingredients in caplet form without any side effects!
- This product is KFDA certified after three years of clinical trials.
- Enjoy your food! Designed to help diabetics enjoy the occasional indulgent treat and maintain healthy glucose levels.
- Decrease your blood sugar spikes – especially after a meal!

KFDA approved for blood sugar control and immunity booster!

Each box contains 60 tablets, packed in sheets of 6 tablets for a convenient and easy to carry portioned dosage.

Dangcare tablets can help:

  • Lower cholesterol and fatty cells with the power of bitter melon!
  • Decrease blood sugar after 15 days with the power of banaba extract!
  • Boost immunity from linoleic acid found in bitter melon!


Ingredients: Bitter melon, banaba extract, zinc


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How To Take This Product

Take 2 pills with a meal, 2~3times a day.


How often should I take this product?

The recommended dosage for adults is 2 caplets with a meal, 2-3 times a day. The caplets are easy to swallow with water and (for maximum benefit) should be taken just prior to or during a meal such as breakfast, lunch and dinner.

To become KFDA approved, a minimum study of 3 years and testing must be done. The corosolic acid found in banaba extract has been proven to help lower blood sugar by 30% after just 15 days of use. 

Produced in South Korea by Hamyang at their HAACP facility.