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Kosinnae raw perilla oil directly from the mountains of Jirisan in Hamyang. Made from 100% perilla seeds grown in the pristine region and produced at the HAACP certified facility. Perilla oil has great benefits including:

- Immunity boosting

- Omega-3, Omega-6 & Omega-9

- Cardiovascular health

- Memory and brain function

- Energizing

This premium perilla oil is best to take directly with a teaspoon in the morning.

Rather than supplements, a better way to get these healthy fatty acids into your diet is through food and cooking with perilla oil. Korean cuisine makes heavy use of perilla seed oil and it is especially popular for sautéing vegetables. It is an ingredient in Korean salad dressings, which gives them an earthy taste.

Shelf life is about one year from date of opening.

Product of S Korea by Hamyang